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What if I collect something else

About the service ...

It is very likely you may collect something other than what we include on our site.  While it's possible we could add other collectibles down the road, we are hesitant to add something new unless we have (1) a knowledgeable collector willing to help with researching the item and (2) a viable market to promote the service, such as a club or manufacturer willing to help us reach the market.  There are many, many, MANY different items out there that people collect.  But unless there are people willing to pay for a service to help them organize, track and appraise their collections, we just can't do it.

If you are a collector wiling to offer research for a specific collectible, and/or have access to a market where this service could be promoted, please contact us.

In the meantime, if you are just looking for a way to inventory your other items, a really great feature of our service is the ability to manually add an item.  This feature provides the ability to add ANY item into your inventory if you are willing to fill in the details for it.  The added ability to create custom categories or themes expands the flexibility, allowing your manually entered items to be segmented, sorted and searched within your other inventory of items, not just thrown into one category called 'other'.  Very powerful tool!

FAQ:  How to manually add an item