Quick Tour

Quick Tour


To locate your item, you can either browse the collections or search for a specific item.


Simply click one of the collections on the left. Once in a collection, you can sort the items by clicking any one of the column headings at that the top of the page.  For example, by clicking Item#, Year or year the information will sort the information numerically by item# or year.  Sorting to by Title will sort the items alphabetically. To filter the collections by type, for example to only find the pottery pieces in the Collectors Club, use the SEARCH feature.



Using our powerful search feature is by far the best and fastest way to locate an item. The feature is located to the right of the information.  Simply choose any or all of the parameters offered to search within.  For example, choose a collection or specific type/theme to search within; enter keywords in a Title and/or Description or select to search or filter by year.  You can use any combination to help you locate your item.  The key with searching a database is 'less is more', meaning if you enter several parameters or many words and nothing come up the first time, then simply reduce the number of parameters or words by which you are searching. 



To create an inventory of your collection, you must add items into Your Inventory. To do so, you must first find your item and then click the + icon right in the list of items or click into the item first and chose 'ADD TO INVENTORY' while viewing the item directly. Doing this will take you to a new screen which will allow you to 'customize' as much, or as little, as you would like. If you wish to move quickly through the process, you can just leave all of the defaults that are provided in each field, or you can spend as much time as you would like customizing the fields to reflect ever specific of your item. When you are done modifying the fields, you must select SUBMIT to save your information and add the item into Your Inventory. You can view any items that you have added by clicking Your Inventory at the top of the page.

A tutorial is listed below to demo how to do this within the Precious Moments collectible.  Fields and screens will be different, but all collectibles work in the same way.  To view demos for a specific collectible, see TUTORIALS under the HELP menu.



Once items are added to Your Inventory, you can retrieve your inventory information by running and viewing REPORTS. You will not be able to run reports on information provided through the Product Inventory, only on the information that you have added to Your Inventory. Through the 'customized reports' feature, you are offered a lot of flexibility in the type of information that can be retrieved. To help expedite this feature, we have recreated a few 'Quik Reports' (i.e. Quik Insurance, Quik For Sale) where we have picked which fields to show based on the most common reports requested. More instructions are offered in the Reports area, accessible by clicking Reports at the top of the page.



The ‘base service’ of this subscription is an inventory tool only and offers the ability to identify items and organizing your inventory. If you would also like to know how much your collection is worth, you can add-on secondary market values to your subscription. These market values are independently researched based on many different markets including individual sales, dealers, auctions, eBay and others and are provided through The Collectibles Database, which has been in the collectibles industry for more than 16 years. For more information on how to add-on values, choose the ADD-ONS link at the top of the window.



For help navigating the site and/or to contact us for technical support, please choose the SUPPORT link at the top of the window to view our Support options.