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FREE Tech Support


Live Chat is avaialble through the black tab that pops up at the bottom of the screen, says 'Questions? Ask Now ...'

1. You can either click right onto the black tab or the + symbol to expand the window.  Clicking the down arrow will make the tab disappear altogether (reclicking area will make it reappear).  Once the window is open, clicking the – symbol will collapse the window.
2. If we are OFFLINE, the opened window will say 'Sorry, we have stepped away'.  Provide your name, email and question and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back online.  This could take up to 24 business hours.
3. If we are ONLINE, enter your name and email and click SEND CHAT REQUEST.  That will notify us that you have asked a question and will respond as soon as we can.  If you do not get a response within a couple of minutes, there may be a problem with the connection.  You can close the window and try again, or try to reach us directly through email (see below).  If you continue to have trouble, please view our FAQ on Troubleshooting the Live Chat.
TIP:  For some reason, the LIVE CHAT window will occasionally disconnect as you navigate to different pages on the site.  We apologize for this.  If that happens to you, we are not hanging up on you.  One way to avoid this is to click the icon with the arrow (top border of chat window).  This will open the chat in its own window, rather than share the main window.
TIP:  If you ever get disconnected, simply reinitate the chat and you'll be reconnected.



We make every attempt to return emails within 24-48 business hours.  Please note our office hours are Mon-Thurs, 9A-5P EST.  You can send an email directly using one of the emails below, or use the form located on the CONTACT US page.



Many questions can be answered through the FAQ page (frequently asked questions) or by watching one of the video tutorials.  If you need help over the weekend our outside of our normal business hours, starting there is always a good idea.  To all new comers, we strongly recommend spending a couple minutes on the QUICK START TOUR page, which outlines how to get started with the basic functions on the site.


PAID Tech Support

$19.95/30 days

Once enrolled, you will be able to setup appointments for one-on-one tech support by phone.  The support is by appointment only in order to coordinate your ability to be in front of your computer with our ability to help during normal business hours.  If you wish to enroll in this paid phone support, please contact us via email or Live Chat.


OTHER Support

PO Box 543
Delaware OH 43015

Please note, we are not staffed to take regular phone calls. This number is for current customers only. Calls will be returned via email, so please check your emails, including and SPAM or junk mail filters.  Non-Customer calls that are generic in nature will not be returned. All calls related to market values or market activity will not be returned, you can use email for those inquires. When calling the number above, you will be able to leave a message and your call will be returned as quickly as we are able. If you have an email on file, your call will be returned by email.  It is always faster to contact us by email.  Tech Support is ONLY OFFERED through email or Live Chat, unless you purchase the Tech Support Phone Support (detailed above).