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How to manually add an item

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In some cases, you may have an item that you need to manually enter into your inventory.  Possible reasons for this may include but are not limited to an item that we do not research but you still collect, or possibly an item that you want to get entered before we have had a chance to add it to our database of information.  If you have an item that SHOULD be in our database and can't find it, please let us know so that we can help you find it, or get it added.

If you wish to manually add an item into your inventory, it is possible with these steps:

  1. From the MY ACCOUNT menu, choose the collectible into which you wish to manually add the item.
  2. Once within Your Inventory, locate the CREATE ITEM button at the upper left hand corner of your list.
  3. When the page opens, proceed through the fields entering specific details for your item.

That should do it!  Here are a couple of tips to consider when manually entering your own item:

  • IMAGES:  When uploading images, clicking the 'upload' button will allow you to browse your computer for the image you want to attach to the file.  To upload more than one image, simply click the 'upload' button.  As more images are added, you will see them appear in the 'photo library' area under the main picture.  The default is for the first image uploaded to become the primary image, the one showing in the large image box.  If you wish to change the primary image, simply click once on a different image.  If you wish to delete an image from the library all together, click twice on the image you want to delete.  If that image was the primary image (the one being displayed in the large image box) then once the image deletes from the library, click once more onto the image you wish to take its place as the primary image.
  • ITEM NUMBER:  When entering the item number, a list of 'suggested items' will present to the right of the field.  This list is being generated by searching our database for the item number you are entering.  If a similar number is already in our database, the option will present in the list.  To view any of those items, simply click onto the title from the suggested list and a NEW window will open with that item's details.  You can continue from that new window, viewing or adding the item.  When finished, just close that window and return to the manual add window.
  • CUSTOM CATEGORY:  All items that are manually entered will be automatically added into your OTHER category, unless you assign it a different category.  If you enter a custom category, that category will automatically be added into your left-hand navigation.  This is really handy if you collect a specific collection or type of items as they will they will separated out in your inventory list, including your reports.  For example, if you collect trains or guns or even want to create an inventory of your DVDS, you could use this feature to separate them as their own collection within your inventory of items.
  • SELF VALUE:  Because we do not research the item you're entering, you'll need to assess and assign your own value for it.  We recommend taking into consideration the item's condition as well as the supply and demand of the item in the market before assessing value.  If you need help, please contact us.


VIDEO TUTORIAL:  How To Manage Your Collection