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Can not find an item


If you have an item you can not find in our database, here are a few tips to help:



A very common mistake when not being able to locate an item is caused by browsing the different categories, not realizing a search feature is available. The fastest way to locate an item is by using the SEARCH feature.  When you click into one of the Price Guides or into your inventory of information, the SEARCH feature is located to the right-hand side of the list of items.  You can select or search within any or all of the fields provided.


Another common mistake is searching for an item within the wrong area of the site.  For example, wanting to find an item in our PRICE GUIDE, but accidentally using the Search Feature from within MY INVENTORY.  Or searching for an item in MY INVENTORY, but finding it in PRICE GUIDE and the not understanding why the option to edit/modify is not available.  The site is broken up into three main areas:  MY INVENTORY, PRICE GUIDE, SALES BOARD.  To help keep track of where you are, the navigation area is blue when within the MY INVENTORY area; green when within the PRICE GUIDE; purple when within the SALES BOARD.  We also try to modify navigation headings with the words 'My Inventory', 'Price Guide' and 'Sales Board'.  Being aware of these little distinctions can be helpful when navigating the site, as well as being sure you're searching within the area you wish to find an item.


The key when searching any database is 'less is more'; meaning, it's better to pick a couple keywords instead of by the entire title.  For example, 'JW Miniature Market' could be listed as 'J.W. Mini Market', 'JW Market - Mini' or any similar combination.  The best way to search would be 'mini market' and allow the search to bring up all possible choices, rather than disqualifying an item by being too specific.  Remember, you can always use one of the other fields to help you reduce results if at first there are too many.  For example, choosing to search on Club items or only ornaments will reduce your results significantly.


Another tip if searching within TITLES ... if at first nothing comes up, try searching the description field as how you are naming the item may be a part of its description, not its title.  For example 'St. Patrick's Day' may not be in the title, but could very likely be included in the description.


A common issue is using too many parameters to find your item.  Remember that what you enter has to match our records exactly.  It is not necessary to fill each parameter before searching.  Sometimes by removing one or more parameters from your search, it will allow for more options to come up and not disqualify your item for a field that isn't matching our data.


If after considering the above tips, you still are not able to locate your item you have a couple of options. 

  1. If the item is an older item and you think it's an item we SHOULD have in our database, please contact us so we can help you find it or get it added.  We love to help!
  2. If the item is newer, it's possible we do not yet have it in our database.  You can either wait until the same time-period of items start to show up in the database, or you can choose to manually add an item.  This feature provides the ability to add ANY item into your inventory with you filling in the details.  The added ability to create custom categories or themes expands the flexibility, allowing your manually entered items to be segmented, sorted and searched within your other inventory of items, not just thrown into one category called 'other'.  Very powerful tool!  FAQ:  How to manually add an item