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Will not accept my credit card


There have been many changes made to internet security for online payments.  It’s a balance between being secure and not being annoying, but many standards are set by the processing companies and are beyond our control.  If you are having trouble entering a new credit card into your profile or with the card being accepted during checkout, these tips may be helpful:


If a card is rejected, it is most often due to something simple like a transposed number or the wrong expiration date. Often a customer will have the right year, but not the right month or the CVV security code has been entered ‘from memory’, rather than looking at the card.  Whenever a new card is issued, the expiration and CVV code will change and often that goes overlooked.  It is always encouraged to have the card in front of you when entering the information and to carefully check each number as it's entered. 


The Billing Information automatically pastes in from your account information.  If this does not match the records associated with your credit card account, the card could be rejected.  Even a different version of your name or incomplete zip code could cause it to reject.  One example was a customer who had both her and her husband's name on her inventory account, but only her name was on the credit card.  Simply removing his name from the Billing Information name field allowed the card to go through.  It might be helpful to pull a recent credit card statement to confirm how the information is listed on your credit card account to insure what you have entered on our site matches.  


If you feel like you've tried everything, there are still a couple of options.  (1) You can contact us and ask for us to check the reason for decline.  In most cases, the reason will be generic and just instruct you to contact your bank, but occasionally it may have more info.  (2)  Contact your credit card company and ask they why the card is being rejected.  (3)  Try a different card.  If the card works in different environments, but not on our site, it could be because we have a tighter security standard set.  Since we do not have the card in hand, our processors require us to be more strict with information provided, all in the hopes of preventing fraud.  For example, we require the address submitted matches the card account whereas merchants who have the card in front of them may not require that because they can check signature or ID.  If the problem persists and you are not able to provide a different form of payment, please contact us and we'll try to find a different solution.