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SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS: 'Values Only' vs 'Inventory' Accounts

About the service ...

VALUES ONLY accounts offer the ability to search and view the information in our database (including Market Values), but there is no ability to create an inventory, run reports or list items for sale on the Sales Board.  This type of account is not recommended for collectors who are not familiar with the collectible as one can use up the values pretty quickly trying to find an item, especially if not familiar with the collection. 

With a VALUES ONLY account, you can browse and search all that you would like, but once you click onto the title of an item and/or open up the larger window of information, your account of values is reduced by one.  Once the bank of credits is used up, access to the database is closed until more credits are purchased.  It’s important that you are sure you have located the item you want BEFORE clicking into it or your values will go quickly on items for what may not be what you’re looking.  

There is an ID Tool you can add onto your account which offers more search capability; allowing you to search by size, shape, color and year.  That ID Tool is $4.95 add-on and can be VERY helpful for items you don't remember the name or to which collection it belongs.  If you can not find an item, please let us know and we’ll help you.

At any time, a VALUES ONLY account can be upgraded to a VALUES & INVENTORY account for an additional fee. VALUES & INVENTORY account offers unlimited access to the information in our database for a set subscription period, as well as the ability to create an inventory of items, print reports and list items or sale on the Sales Board (additional fees may apply).