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CT: Value of Signatures

About Cherished Teddies ...

If you find a Cherished Teddies figurine with a hand-written signature on the bottom, it may add to its value!!  Signatures from artists or other prominent people from the company are often acquired at Club events.

The most popular signature to acquire on your Cherished Teddies figurine is that of creator/artist, Priscilla Hillman. Her signature will add the most value, usually in the $10-$20 range. 

Two other signatures you may find on Cherished Teddies figurines are those of Glenn Hillman (Priscilla's son and Cherished Teddies co-artist), and Eugene Freedman (the co-founder of Eneseco. These two signatures hold a lesser value ($5-$10) than those of Priscilla Hillman, but are still collectible. Items with more than one signature should bring a higher price than just a single signature.