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Unable to add Sales Board to account


If you are having trouble adding the Sales Board feature to your account, it may be because not all the necessary steps have been taken to add on the feature. A very common mistake is not checkmarking or not being able to checkmark the Sales Board feature from within the Invoice page.  The Sales Board feature must be checkmarked to be added to the cart, and in order to checkmark the box, you must first view/agree to the Sales Board Terms of Service.  When you click onto the 'Terms of Service' link (located under the Sales Board option within the Invoice page), a new window will open with those Terms.  Once finished reviewing the terms, close the window and return to the invoice page.

In this FAQ, we will review the specific steps to compare with the steps you have taken.  If you learn better by video, there is also this video tutorial that may be helpful:  How to Add-on Sales Board


  1. Go to your Dashboard (click HOME)
  2. Click the red Sales Board badge ...

  3. An info window will open asking if you wish to add-on the Sales Board, click YES

  4. Once the invoice page opens, you must checkmark the Sales Board option to add it to your cart

  5. When you do so, an info window will open telling you that you must agree to the Terms of Use.

  6. Click the Terms of Use to open the page ... Review those terms and close the page to return to the invoicer

  7. Once you return to the invoice, you should be able to checkmark SALES BOARD to add it to your cart

  8. Continue down the page to confirm and provide all information requested, including payment information

  9. When you get to the DISCOUNT field, enter the promo code SELL4FREE to benefit from the free month trial

  10. At the bottom of the page, click the checkbox agreeing to the Terms of Service and click SIGN ME UP!


That should do it!  If you have confirmed these steps and continue to have trouble.  Please contact us with the step where you are experiencing the error, as well as the specific error you are receiving.  It will also be helpful to know which browser you are using and its version.