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Because a natural part of getting organized often includes the need to downsize or liquidate, we felt it logical and beneficial to offer a way for Collectors to connect with other Collectors who may be looking for the very item for which you are in willing to let go.  The best secondary market experience is always Collector-to-Collector; therefore, the goal of our Sales Board is to offer Collectors a way to connect with each other for the purpose of buying, selling and trading items from within their own collection.  



TO SELL AN ITEM:  Must have a 'Values & Inventory' account, with the Sales Board add-on

TO BUY/TRADE ITEMS:  Registration is required, but is free (collection of name, address, phone and email)

TO VIEW ITEMS FOR SALE:  Viewing items is available to general public, no cost or subscription required


The Sales Board is an add-on monthly fee to a regular subscription cost.  On a monthly basis, the fee will be automatically processed using the card on file, until the service is cancelled.  That monthly fee offers no limit to the number of items you can post on the Sales Board and the service extends across all active collectible accounts.  For example, if you have an active subscription to Longaberger, Boyds Plush, Hallmark and Precious Moments, you can list as many items from all four of these collections on the Sales Board, for as long as your Sales Board subscription is active.  Upon cancellation or nonpayment of the service, all items marked on the Sales Board will be pulled.  Click here to view the current fee and/or add it to an existing subscription.


Items are automatically placed onto the Sales Board by selecting the status 'FOR SALE (on sales board)' from within each item you wish to sell.  If you choose 'FOR SALE (private)', it will not post on the Sales Board, but still show as 'For Sale' within your own personal reports to share privately with others.


Once your item is posted on the Sales Board, those viewing your item can ask questions or send requests to you through your online message center (viewable through the SALES BOARD menu or your account Dashboard).  No personal information is shared on the Sales Board unless YOU CHOOSE TO SHARE it via the comments you post for the item.  Once someone shows interest in your item, all parts of the actual transaction happen independently from the Collectibles Database service.  The buyer and seller are fully responsible for arranging payment and shipping of the items in any method that is acceptable to the parties involved. 


For any secondary market transaction, it's always good to ask yourself what kind of payment you are willing to receive and how can you protect yourself from fraud.  If you don't already have a Paypal account, we recommend considering it.  They have a long standing reputation for online security and are easy to use, offering many tools such as the ability to send someone an invoice via email.  They also offer dispute resolution which protects both the buyer and seller from fraudulent transactions.  Paypal does charge fees, though, so be sure to fully research the service before you start to use it.  Here is the link to their website for more information:  Go to Paypal



NEW CUSTOMER: You can subscribe to any collectible by click the PRICE GUIDE menu and choose whichever collectible you want to activate.  Be sure to select the 'Values & Inventory option' and click the 'Sales Board' add-on during check-out.

VALUES ONLY CUSTOMER:  If you currently have a 'Values Only' account and wish to upgrade, go to your account Dashboard by clicking the HOME menu.  Locate the collectible you wish to upgrade and click UPGRADE.  When the order page comes up, be sure to check mark SALES BOARD to add on the service and proceed through the checkout process.

CURRENT INVENTORY CUSTOMERS:  If you currently have at least one active Inventory account and would just like to add-on the Sales Board feature, go to your account Dashboard by clicking the HOME menu.  Locate the active subscription and click EDIT.  Once the order page opens, check mark SALES BOARD from the options and proceed through the checkout process.

Once the Sales Board service has been added to your account, you can now add items to the Sales Board by locating the items you wish to sell within your inventory and changing the status to 'FOR SALE (public)'. 



View FAQ:  Sales Board: Create Effective Listing



You can view and manage the items you have listed on your Sales Board by clicking the SALES BOARD menu and selecting MY SALES BOARD.  There is also a summary of activity within your account Dashboard.  Messages related to the Sales Board can be managed on your MY SALES BOARD page or through your Dashboard, as well. 

To view all items on the Sales Board, simply click the SALES BOARD menu and choose whichever collectible you wish to browse.



To view all items on the Sales Board, simply click the SALES BOARD menu and choose the collectible you wish to browse.  If you locate an item in which you are interested, to ask questions or place a bid on an item, you must have at a minimum, an active informational account with us.  To create this free account, just agree to do so when you first choose to contact the seller.  Once you have an active account, when you click CONTACT SELLER a message window will open allowing you to send communication to the seller including but not limited to the fact that you wish to buy the item. You can access and manage your messages under your account Dashboard (click the HOME menu) or through your MY SALES BOARD page, located under the SALES BOARD menu



While the service is periodically monitored, at this time there is no interface to offer feedback on experiences.  All participation is at your own risk and participation in the service represents your understanding and agreement to the Sales Board Terms of Use.  While J.Phillip, Inc (dba Collectibles Database) is offering the opportunity to post items on the Sales Board and ability to communicate between the parties, they in no way warrant or guarantee any transactions that are initiated or take place through the service.  J.Phillip, Inc. or any of its affiliates will not be involved in any disputes that result from use of this service.