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About Precious Moments ...

Most Precious Moments pieces have an item# printed on the bottom of the piece.  While ID TOOL can help you identify the older or smaller pieces without this item#, where this tool is really helpful is with finding items specific to an occasion or event in which you are in need of a specific piece.  For example, if you want to know which pieces have dogs so you can give to a friend with a new puppy or who loves dogs; or how about a Dad with a little girl? 

The ID TOOL is a wonderful ID tool that can help you find a piece based on several different attributes: type, dimension, year, character, animal, object, action and occasion.  By simply using any variation of these parameters, the tool is designed to use the same method we use over the phone to help Collectors find specific pieces.  Fun and easy! Try it out!


As with any search of a database, if your first search presents no results, try removing a few parameters and try again.  If you enter a parameter in every single category and nothing comes up, try backing out a couple parameters and try again. What you enter has to match our entry exactly, so if you enter 'dad' and 'boy' and 'soldier' in for character because you think it could be considered anyone of those characters, the search will only result in a piece that has ALL THREE 'dad', 'boy' AND 'soldier' noted for the piece.
When searching by character or animal, it may be necessary to try different variations of an item; for example, what you call 'dog' could be entered as 'puppy'; 'cat' could be 'kitten'; 'girl' could be 'mom'.  In most cases, we try to allow for this but there COULD be times where it may be necessary for you to try different possibilities.
There are 9000+ pieces in the Precious Moments collectible, so if you find an item that is not accurately represented in the ID TOOL, please let us know what you think should be added and we can do that very easily.