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This site has several new enhanced security features, one of which is how passwords are handled.  We, in Customer Service, are no longer able to see your passwords to verify or help you remember it.  If you forget your password, just use the ‘FORGOT PASSWORD' link on the home page to reset it.


Entrance into your account requires that you enter both the email and the password that were used when originally setting up your account.  The combination of the two must match our records EXACTLY.  It is case sensitive and should not have any additional spaces added on either side ... Anything added will cause it to be rejected, even a space.

If the email that was used when setting up the account is no longer active, it is still your 'user ID' for this account and needs to be entered to gain access.  Once you gain access again, you can update that email under your account Dashboard.

If upon multiple tries you are still not able to get in, first try resetting your password, using the FORGOT PASSWORD link.  That reset process will send a temporary password to the email on account.  If your email is not longer active, or if you can't remember what email is associated with the account, you will need to contact us via the LIVE CHAT or through the CONTACT US page.