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Nothing happens, page just refreshes

"When I try to login, nothing happens.  I enter my email and password, click 'login' but nothing happens.  The page just seems to refresh."
If you experience an issue where the site does not appear to be responding to your actions, first check to make sure that you have an active connection to the internet.  In areas where the signal drops frequently, it is possible that the action was started but unable to finish because connection was lost.  If your connection is good, consider these other possible solutions:


Our site requires cookies to be enabled, as well as current JAVA.  If you have your cookies turned off or are you using any kind of 'privacy settings' (i.e., Internet Explorer InPrivate), it is likely cookies have been turned off.  Cookies are used to help the code to remember who you are so for a site that is subscription based, cookies remember your login parameters for you so that you don't have to log into every single page you try to access.  The site will time out and not move forward if cookies are not enabled or if the cookies have become 'corrupted'.  First make sure your cookies are turned on.  If they are turned on but the problem still persists, try deleting the cookies associated with the site, log out and try again.

Same with JAVA ... make sure that JAVA is enabled and you have the most recent update.

If the issue persists, try logging in from a different computer.  If you can get in from a different computer, that means the issue is local to the computer where you're experiencing the trouble ... try deleting all cookies associated with the website, close your browser to empty your cache and shut down the computer.  After about 30 seconds, you can restart and try again. 


If when you click onto a collectible to which you feel you should have access, but it takes you to the pricing page, this means that your access to that collectible has expired.  Go to your account Dashboard by clicking HOME.  Locate the collectible in question and find the status.  If it says 'cancelled' or 'expired' then you will need to click RENEW to regain access.  If for any reason you feel there is a mistake in the status of any one of your collections, please let us know through the LIVE CHAT or by sending us an email.