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If you are seeing little blue circles next to section headings or column titles, those are 'information icons' placed there to give you more information about that section.  If you click the circle, an informational window should open.

The icon should be a small question mark and chances are if you're seeing them as 'boxes' then a setting in your browser is causing them to not present properly.  Most notably, we have seen the issue from within Firefox, but it is possible it may happen in other browsers as well.  You can either try a different browser, or here is a link to detail the issue and solution for Firefox:

In most cases, "resetting" Firefox should fix this issue. Please note that this may lose some information such as history and bookmarks. It claims that it should save your information, but there's definitely a risk you'll lose your data. The link to how to reset Firefox is at:

If even after researching and trying these steps the issue continues to persist, please let us know.