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List Repair tool

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The List Repair tool can be located under the MY ACCOUNT menu.

This tool will help you find items in your inventory that are not linked to a corresponding file in our database.  This can happen if (1) you've manually added an item to your inventory or (2) for some reason your item became unlinked from our file, often from an update where a change has been made in item# or title.

Many users also manually add items to their inventory before we have a chance to research them and get them online.  Once the item is added into our database, you can use this tool to link it with your entry so that (1) you can benefit from our database item information showing in your item, (2) the item will move into the correct category and (3) being link will allow it to be updated automatically, going forward.

Please note that not all items will have matches and there may be legitimate reasons for your item to remain manually entered in your OTHER category.  You do not NEED to use this tool, but if you wish for your item to be linked with ours, periodically visiting this tool will help keep your list clean.


Click ACCOUNT menu and select LIST REPAIR


As the list presents, it's locating all the items in your inventory that are not linked to a file in our database and then searching our database for possibilities based on a combination of title and item# entered.  Keep in mind that while the formula to find a match is complex, it is not perfect.  The best way to find items in our database is always by using the very powerful search feature which allows you to search by many fields, using several possible combinations.


Once the list is down compiling, work down the list noticing your item listed to the left and the suggestions listed to the right.  If you want to visually see how you entered your item, click onto the title in the left column.  If you wish to open up one of the suggested items, click onto the titles in the right column.  When you click onto the titles, a new window will open so, when done reviewing, simply close the window to return to the List Repair page.


If you find a match and want to link your item with one of the options presented, click the small checkmark next to the option.  A confirmation window will appear, click OK.

THAT'S IT!  Your item has been relinked!

Once a link has been made, it will disappear from the list and you can continue to the next item.  If you wish to not link an item (ie, you want to keep it 'as is' and for it to stay in your OTHER category), just skip over it, leaving it on the list.


Remember the key to searching a database is always 'less is more'.  Many, many times an item can't be found because too much is being placed into the search field.  For example, instead of searching for 'Zelma Berriweather', try searching just for 'Berriweather' because it's actually 'Velma', not 'Zelma'. Another common mistake is misspelled words.  For example, 'bearriweather' is listed as 'berriweather' in our database ... by just searching for the word 'weather', the item will come up.