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Keep getting kicked off site


The site is set to not log you off, unless you request to be logged off.  If you are experiencing an issue where the site seems to kick you off for no apparent reason, it could be an issue with your cookies or cache.  Over time, cookies can get corrupted which is why forcing a logoff is often beneficial.  But since we have received the request not to auto-log off, it may be necessary for you to clear these cookies from time-to-time.

How to clear your cookies will depend on the browser software you are using.  Below, a few specific instructions are listed but browsers update quite frequently and it may be necessary for you to do an internet search on how to do this in your browser.  Just search by the words 'delete cookies Firefox 34.0.5', or whatever browser you're using.

Typically, most internet browsers will clear cache every time you shut it down so if you continue to have trouble, often a shut down and restart will fix most issues .. this is especially helpful if you tend to keep your computer on (without shutting down) for long periods of times, or even days.


  1. Go to FIREFOX menu, click PREFERENCES
  2. Under PRIVACY, locate 'show cookies'
  3. Search for 'collectiblesdatabase' and highlight all cookies that come up
  4. Choose 'remove cookie' ... be careful not to click 'remove all cookies' unless you're okay with deleting all cookies from all sites

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  1. Open Internet Explorer for the desktop.
  2. Tap or click the Tools button, point to Safety, and then tap or click Delete browsing history.
  3. Select the Cookies check box, and then tap or click Delete.

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  1. Go to the Safari Menu
  2. Click 'About', to determine which version of Safari you are using.
  3. Once in the Safari preference window, click 'Privacy'.
  4. If there are any website data/cookies being stored, click 'Details'
  5. To remove the data, highlight the information and click 'Remove'
  6. Click 'Done' to return to the preference window.

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  1. Go to 'Tools Menu'
  2. Click on 'Options'
  3. Click on 'Under the Hood'
  4. Under 'Privacy' section select "Show Cookies'
  5. A new window should open called 'Cookies' In here you can see all the cookies within your Google Chrome Browser.
  6. Click on "Remove All" to remove all traces of cookies.
  7. If you wish to only remove a certain cookie, simply highlight and click "Remove"

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