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To get started quickly, we recommend checking out the tutorials listed under the HELP MENU.  If you are unable to view the tutorials, these instructions may be helpful:

Basically, there are three areas to the site:  MY ACCOUNT is where your inventory will be stored; PRICE GUIDE is how to access our database of items; SALES BOARD is where those who have the Sales Board add-on can list their items for sale.

To find a value for your basket, follow these steps:

  1. From the PRICE GUIDE menu, choose Longaberger
  2. Once inside our Longaberger database, use the search fields to the right of the items to search for your item.  You can search by any combination of those fields provided.
  3. Once you locate your item, click onto the title of the item to open up its details.  All of the item’s information is listed on this page, with original and market values listed to the bottom of the page.
  4. If you wish to add that item into your inventory, click the link towards the top that says ‘add to inventory’.

There are written tips under the FAQs (frequently asked questions), found under the HELP menu.  Here is one specific FAQ that may be especially helpful as you learn to how to best search a database:

How to use Search <>

If you have any other question, be sure to let us know either via email.