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When entering an item into your inventory, the ability to customize fields associated with your item has always been available.  Documenting its condition, year or signatures on the items is just a matter of working your way down the fields that are available and taking as much time as you like filling in as many of the fields as you wish.

With the recent update, the ability to overwrite fields provided through our database is now offered.  The fields TITLE, CATEGORY and THEME can be overwritten by simply typing over the field contents when adding that item into your inventory.  Any changes to these fields will change how the item presents in the service; i.e. changing the TITLE will change how an item sorts; changing the category will create a new category in the left-hand navigation as well as in the drop-down menu whenever searching within Your Inventory.

Please note, any custom changes to these fields WILL NOT carry over into the Sales Board for a couple of reasons: (1) we do not want to clutte the board with an unlimited amount of possible collections and (2) we don't want collections created for personal use to carry over into the public forum.  For example, if someone creates a collection for each of their kids, it wouldn't make sense to have collections named 'Jane', 'Joe', 'Mom' and the like on the Sales Board.

To remove any customization, simply return to that item within your inventory and remove the customization.  The default settings from our database will return whenever the field is made to be blank.

VIDEO TUTORIAL:  Custom Fields