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NewbieI am trying to build my subscription and I am confused about what I am buying. I have Boyds Bears (resin) Dept 56 and Longaberger. I am trying to assess the value of my collection with the possibility of selling some pieces. I need help understanding what "subscriptions" I am purchasing so as to maximize my time on your site. Do I need to download software?

Jill@CDO: Hi there ... there is no software to download ... everything is web-based, so once you subscribe you are given a login ID and password to access the site ...

The cost is $29.95 for the first collectible and then $18.95 for each collectible thereafter. Each collectible renews automatically annually for $18.95 each.

Newbie: Thank you for your help. What does that give me access to?

Jill@CDO: Each subscription gives you access to the full-color photos, original prices, dates offered, descriptions and details for each item as well as market values ... with an inventory account you are able to search the database for your item and click to add it into your inventory list and then run reports. A subscription is for a full year of access to that information.

Newbie: How is the Bentley guide different than each collectible?

Jill@CDO: The 'Bentley Guide' is the Guide for Longaberger baskets. Each guide for each collectible holds the same type of information.

Newbie: Oh thank you for your help! What are the "look-up" service and how does it differ from the overall subscription?

Jill@CDO: The 'Values Only' service only allows you to look-up items and view the information. You can not create an inventory or print reports and the access is limited to the number of values you purchase.

Newbie: OK...I think I understand. It is a way to look up items without having a subscription? If the look up per individual item (i.e. tea basket) or overall category like Longaberger?

Jill@CDO: There isn't a way to view information without some sort of a subscription ... if you do the 'values only' you can browse the collections and search for items, but once you click onto the item's title to view more details, then a value will deplete from your account. The type of info you can see before clicking for more info would be the item's title, intro year, thumbnail photo, dimensions and short description. Once you click open for more details, all the other information will present on screen and a 'look up' is depleted from your account. If you have an inventory account, you have unlimited look-ups and ability to browse for a full year.  

You will need separate subscriptions for each collectible you want to access, so if you only purchase Longaberger then your look-ups are only for Longaberger.

Newbie: So for my purposes...assessing the value of my collection(s)...a project I have over the coming months...inventory subscriptions is what I need for each collection. Correct?

Jill@CDO: Yes, if you have several items and want to create an inventory list on which you can print reports, then I would recommend the inventory subscription. 'Values Only' is great if you know what you have and just want to look up a few items ... kind of like borrowing someone's book

Newbie: Thank you! One last question. How do you keep up with current "values"...especially with retired pieces?

Jill@CDO it is a challenge :) I have a few different researchers for the different collectibles and we try to assess value based on many factors and many markets. Our goal is to promote the collectible, so while our information can help you assess what an item is 'worth', it may not necessarily be the 'selling price' in your market. The economy is really hard on collectibles right now and many items are being thrown into the market and let go for anything ... we asses 'value' not 'price'.  We talk to dealers, individuals, auctioneers, tag sales and collect selling prices as well as asking prices and also try to determine supply and demand based on our research to come up with what we publish.

Newbie: I absolutely understand. I'm not convinced I want to sell much and the market is indeed a bit tough. I need a starting point, though. You have been immensely helpful. THANK YOU!

Jill@CDO: Great! That's why I'm here :) Please let me know if any other questions come up!