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Can not get into my account


If you're having trouble getting into your account, the issue is usually an easy fix.  Try the following:


  • Double check your user ID and password ... the user ID is the email that was used to setup the account.  Even if the email is no longer active, you will still use it as your USER ID to enter the site.  Once you are back into your account, you can update your email, if necessary.  
  • Make sure you are entering your user ID and password EXACTLY as they were originally setup ... if you saved your confirmation email, you may want to double check what you're entering against that email or even copy and paste the settings right from that email. 
  • The settings are also case sensitive, so be sure to check that as well. 
  • Another common mistake is adding additional characters ... even an extra space could cause the settings to be rejected. 
  • If your computer has saved these settings and auto-enters in these fields, it might be good to erase what the computer has saved and manually enter the information, just to see if it was saved wrong. 


Your user ID is the email that was used at the time the account was setup.  If you can not remember which email was used, please contact us with your full name and address along with all possible emails that could have been used.  We will attempt to find you in our system and let you know which email was used.


If you have forgotten your password, use the FORGOT PASSWORD link to reassign a new password.  Due to new security measures,  you will not be able to retrieve a forgotten password.  The only option will be set a new one.


Whenever you make a change to your account such as adding on a new service or manually renewing the account, it may be necessary to log out of the account and re-log back in. 


To isolate the issue, try logging in from a different computer.  If you can get in from a different computer, that means the issue is local to the computer where you're experiencing the trouble ... try deleting all cookies associated with the website, close your browser to empty your cache and shut down the computer.  After about 30 seconds, you can restart and try again. 


If when you click onto a collectible to which you feel you should have access, but it takes you to the pricing page, this means that your access to that collectible has expired.  Go to your account Dashboard by clicking HOME.  Locate the collectible in question and find the status.  If it says 'cancelled' or 'expired' then you will need to click RENEW to regain access.  If for any reason you feel there is a mistake in the status of any one of your collections, please let us know through the LIVE CHAT or by sending us an email.