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Adding own images

About the service ...

A great new feature of the service is the ability to upload your own images for your items.  You are able to upload up to five images and can select which one you would like as the 'primary' image, which is what will show as the thumbnail on reports and lists. Uploading your own image is especially important when listing items on the Sales Board as buyers want to see what they are actually getting, not a stock photo.

To upload an image, you must be in the item's details page within your inventory.  The 'upload image' button is under the large image.  Clicking the button will allow you to browse your computer for the image you want to attach to the file.  To upload more than one image, simply click the 'upload' button again.  As more images are added, you will see them appear in the 'photo library' area under the main picture. 

The default is for the first image uploaded to become the primary image, the one showing in the large image box.  If you wish to change the primary image, simply click once onto a different image.  If you wish to delete an image from the library all together, click twice on the image you want to delete.  If that image was the primary image (the one being displayed in the large image box) then once the image deletes from the library, click once more onto the image you wish to take its place as the primary image.

**DISCLAIMER**  Images uploaded to our service are meant for reference only and should not be considered a reliable back-up of these images.  We are not responsible for any loss of data incurred for reasons beyond our control.  The back-up utility in your dashboard will create a back-up of your inventory data only and will not include image data.