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Boyds Plush

Identify & value your collectibles • Create an inventory and print reports • Web-based, nothing to install • Accessible from every device with access to the internet • Both PC and Mac compatible

BoydsPlushOur Boyds Plush Online is inclusive of items from 1985 thru current day.  Updates are done once a year, usually in January or February.  All of our Guides include full-color photos, detailed item descriptions, years available, original pricing and current market values.

Search & Browse limited unlimited
Ability to Sort
View Item Details
• photos, descriptions, dates, sizes, features
limited unlimited
View Current Market Values
Create Inventory
Customize & Print Reports
Automatic Updates
Sales Board: view & buy
Sales Board: sell items add-on
Discounted Renewals
Free Tech Support
User Friendly Search
'New Collector' Friendly
$6.95 & up
Paks of 10 or 25 values
$18.95 annual renewal

**Disclaimer: All market values are provided by J.Phillip, Inc., publishers of The Collectibles Database Online. J.Phillip, Inc. in no way warrants the prices therein and assumes no responsibility for loss that ensues as a result of consulting this service. Furthermore, The Boyds Company is in no way affiliated with Collectibles Database and does not endorse and or make any warranties with regard to the origin or accuracy of the data provided. All questions related to the secondary market should be directed to J.Phillip, Inc.