D56 Snowbabies ONLINE

Snowbabies Online - INVENTORY SERVICE
How it works: You are given a secure login and password to enter our website where all of the information is provided in a format that will allow you to search or browse to locate your item. Once you find your item, a simple 'click' will add that item into your collection list. Once your list is created you can retrieve the information in a variety of automatic reports. Product info is updated throughout the year.

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Snowbabies Online - VALUES ONLY
If at this time you are not interested in using our service to help inventory your collection, but would still like to view values online, you can subscribe to our service as a Values Only Customer. You will be able to purchase a block of values at a time.

VALUES ONLY is a use-based service that will allow you to access a block of market values for Snowbabies/bunnes items. You will be able to purchase a block of values: 10 or 25. Once you have accessed these values, your access will end until you decide to purchase another block. You will have up to one year to view the block of values that you have purchased.

It's a great way to try us out!!

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